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11 Plus Online Experience FAQs

Q. What happens if my child misses an online 11+ test?

A. Although we do advise children wherever possible to take the 11+ practice tests on the days in which they occur we do understand that sometimes this is not possible. Because of this we always allow children to access any 11+ practice tests they may have missed. Your child can access any 11+ practice tests which have been missed by selecting the ‘Take Test’ tab within their online account (for more information please refer to the user guide).

Q. I will be going on holiday for X number of weeks what will happen to my child’s account during this time?

A. Firstly, No matter where you are in the world as long as you have access to the internet your child will be able to access their 11+ online tests. Therefore if you wish for your child to continue taking 11+ tests during this period you will be able to continue as normal.

Alternatively, if you do not wish for your children to continue taking their 11+ online tests during their holiday, if you give us a call at the office on 0121 244 8605 we can stop any new tests being delivered over this time period. We will then subsequently recommence your child’s online timetable once they return home from their holiday.

Q. What if my child does not understand a question/topic?

A. If you child is having problems understanding particular 11+ questions or topic areas do not panic, we are here to help! As the 11 plus can be set 7-8 months in advance of the current state curriculum this means that sometimes throughout the course we may ask your child a question on a subject area which they have not yet covered at school – Do not panic! Because of the intelligent way in which our courses are designed once we identify an instance such as this we can then start to tailor the future tests to focus on this area with resit questions or tailored questions (for more information please refer to the user guide).

The step by step explanations given for each question will help your child. However, if your child is still having problems understanding a particular 11+ topic, please do not hesitate to contact us at the office quoting the question ID which your child is struggling on. Here we will be able to pass you over to one of our tutors who can explain the subject area in a little more depth.

N.B You can find a question ID at the top of the step by step explanation of a question. It will typically look something like this 'MAFRAC4~1~10~'.

Q. How does my child accumulate points and what are they used for?

A. For every subject test which your child takes online they will have the opportunity to gain points which they can then later trade in for a number of real life rewards and prizes which can be found from the ‘Prizes and Rewards’ section of our website. Once your child meets the required number of points for the prize they are looking to receive simply give us a call at the office and we will get this prize posted out to you. You can see the number of points your child has accumulated from within their online dashboard (for more information please refer to the user guide).

N.B Children do not receive points for the Miscellaneous test or when they are on their revision. Other than these 2 instances,  points are allocated as follows:

Score Points Awarded
70% or above 1 point
80% or above
2 points
90% or above 3 points