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A qualified teacher allocated to every child

Every child deserves the best start in their educational journey. That's why we ensure a qualified teacher is allocated to every student, offering personalised guidance and support, tailored to their unique learning needs. With a focus on developing understanding and confidence, our tutors ensure your child is prepared for not only the 11 plus exam, but for future education.

Year 3
11+ Early Starter Course

An adventure through time. Learning fundmental 11 plus skills along the way!

Year 4
11+ Graduate Course

Begin your child's personalised 11 plus online preparation plan!

Year 5
11+ Intensive Course

The perfect 11+ revision package for the exam this September!

Year 5
11+ Masterclass Courses

Face-to-face tuition online or at a centre

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Join over 4,000 11+ success stories

Achieve 11 plus success with KSOL

Over 20 years of experience with an annual average success rate of 86%

  • Each 11 plus  online course personalised to your child
  • Allocated qualified Key Stage 2 teacher
  • Interactive online video lessons
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Experience classroom teaching at home

Discover KSOL's online live lessons, your access to an excellent 11 plus classroom experience from the comfort of your own home. Experience high-quality video streams and clear annotations on our interactive whiteboard, guided by our skilled teachers who receive real-time data from your child's quizzes to tailor the lesson. The future of personalised learning is here - join us and help your child reach their full potential.

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11 + Mock Exams
11 plus GL mock exams
  • 2024 Dates Available

Each KSOL 11+ GL mock exam will include 2 x 45 minute papers, covering individual timed sections in Maths, English, Comprehension, Verbal Skills and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

11 plus Mock Exams

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18May, 2024

A History of Successful Results

Explore the effectiveness of our proven teaching methods through thousands of success stories. Find out how KSOL can make a difference for your child.

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Of Parents
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Why Choose KSOL 11 plus

Over 20 Years of  11 Plus Experience

With our extensive knowledge of what it takes to succeed, we are here to guide you through every stage of your child's grammar school preparation, helping them achieve their goals with confidence.

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“ I would definitely recommend KSOL to everyone for their child's 11+ practice. My daughter joined 3 months revision course before the test. She improved her confidence and speed very quickly. Feedback and support were phenomenal. We also tried Mock tests which came back with excellent feedback and advice for future progress. My daughter gained entry to one of our favourite and local grammar schools.”

Year 5 Parent


“ The 11 plus mock exams set by the centre are a game changer for any child. As a parent you are able to monitor their progress and tackle any areas your child finds challenging. Thank you KSOL! ”

Year 5 Parent

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“It's the best online 11+ mock exam my daughter has done, as it replicates the real thing!" "The format of the online exam really made my child focus! It wasn't like sitting a normal online test. The video instructions were very clear and the highlighting, crossing out and eliminating function were so useful.”

Year 5 Parent


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