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11 plus Free Downloads

Welcome to our 11+ free downloads page!

Here, you will find a fantastic range of free 11 plus resources designed to give your child 11 plus practice, whilst gaining an insight into what is required for the 11+ entrance exam.

Register your child for a quick 5 minute test where you can profile their current ability or complete our 11 plus practice papers which present your child with a sample of 11+ exam questions in Maths, English, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning.

We have also compiled a range of 11+ advice documents which you may find useful for your child’s 11 plus preparations.

Remember: these tools are just free resources, designed to ensure your child enjoys their 11+ experience. To experience the benefits of our award-winning Year 4 and Year 5 personalised online courses, sign-up for a Free Week 11+ Trial!

Award Winning 11+ Tuition