Year 5 11 plus tuition


Year 5 11 plus tuition

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Is your child preparing for the 11+ exam in 2025?

Earning a place at a Grammar School can be competitive and challenging. Starting 11+ preparation early is the key to suceeding in the 11+ exam. If your child is going into Year 5 this September, we believe that now is the perfect time to start our online Graduate programme. Our innovative approach to 11+ online learning is designed to provide each student with an online 11plus personalised learning journey, to enhance their skills and maximise their chance of success in the 11plus exam and beyond. As experienced educators, we understand how important this journey is to you and your child and we know what it takes to succeed. Ensuring that your child has the best possible start to secondary education is our passion and priority. Every year, we achieve high 11plus success rates with students gaining places at the most prestigious grammar schools in the country. Now it's your child's turn to write their own 11plus success story!

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How does our Online 11+ Graduate Course work?

1 and a half hours of live teaching

Daily Personalised Tests

Your child will benefit from a personalised, flexible online tuition programme, including question types featured in the 11+ GL Assessment Exam. Their tutor will set a daily online test in either Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning & NVR (Mon-Fri) with instant step-by-step explanations for any incorrect questions. 

Interactive Learning

Direct Support from Qualified Teachers

Gain the advantage of having one of our qualified teachers as your child's allocated tutor. They will monitor your child's progress, tailor their 11+ programme to their individual needs and provide you detailed feedback every week.  Our tutors are also available to contact via phone or email.

Personalised Tuition

Key-Topic Interactive Video Lessons

Alongside their daily tests, children will receive weekly engaging key-topic video lessons. These features key topic areas that we know children tend to struggle with more and provide that extra much needed practice with downloadable worksheets to boost their 11+ skills and confidence. 

11+ Mock Exam

Powered by Target Teach® Technology

Powered by Target Teach® technology, your child's 11 plus programme will highlight any weaker areas, ensure a deeper understanding with detailed explanations and retest to consolidate the knowledge. This powerful tool allows our tutors to personalise each child's learning pathway.

Trusted and recommended by parents

"My daughter used KSOL and passed her 11+ exam with a fantastic score! KSOL's online courses are personalised so my daughter was always challenged which was great, and the weekly videos build up essential knowledge. I found the process very helpful because parents are constantly updated with their child's progress and the areas they needed to focus on. Thank you again KSOL!" - (qzBowers390 - Previous KSOL Year 5 Parent)

Now it's your child's turn! Listen to Amy and discover how your child can benefit from our Graduate Programme.


11+ Graduate Course

Tutor supported, personalised online 11+ tuition


Our programmes have been instrumental in assisting thousands of children in securing admission to some of the country's most prestigious grammar schools.

Alcester Grammar
Camp Hill
Sutton Grammar
Stratford for Girls
Rugby High School
Five Ways Grammar School
Queen Marys Grammar School
Wolverhampton Girls
Pates Grammar


Why is our Online 11plus Graduate Course perfect for your child?

From the beginning of their educational journey until the 11+ entrance exam, your child receives dedicated support and guidance from a qualified tutor -your 11+ expert.  Our team of dedicated 11+ specialists have developed a comprehensive 11 plus online programme that adapts to the unique learning style and pace of each child. Our Graduate programme features our exclusive Target Teach system® , including 11 plus online practice tests, interactive video lessons, and regular tailored feedback to ensure that your child's individual needs are met, improving 11+ skills and confidence. Our tutors guide, motivate and inspire students to reach their full potential, by providing weekly reports and recommendations for further improvement.

Parents can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that, not only is their child's education in safe hands, if their circumstances change, they can cancel their monthly subscription at any time by giving a month's notice. 

Suitable for GL Assessment
Developed by qualified teachers
personalised to your child
Includes video lessons
No cancellation fees
Earn Prizes

Personalised, targeted online course for Year 5 students preparing for the 11+ GL Assessment entrance exam in September 2024!

Your child's allocated tutor will provide weekly updates on their progress and is available to contact directly throughout their 11+ journey.

We will personalise tests to target your child's individual areas for improvement. Receive challenging daily 11+ online revision tests (Mon-Fri) targeting key subjects including Maths, English, Verbal, and NVR (including Spatial Reasoning).

Each week your child will receive an educational interactive video lesson covering fundamental 11+ topic areas and featuring downloadable worksheets.

We understand that children are motivated by many different things, which is why we offer them an opportunity to earn points to cash in for fantastic real prizes, such as a bluetooth speaker and a smart watch!

Our Graduate Programme costs £50 per month, plus a one-off course set-up fee of £15. For your peace of mind, we offer a refund of the first month's fee if you decide to cancel within the first 14 days of your child's programme. Beyond this period, you have the flexibility to cancel your monthly subscription at any time with one month's notice.

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A History of Successful Results

Explore the effectiveness of our proven teaching methods through thousands of success stories. Learn how KSOL's 11 plus tuition can make a difference for your child.

Personalised Tests


Personalised Quizzes Delivered and Counting!

Of Parents Recommend Us


Of Parents
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Student Success Rate


Student Success Rate
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Countries Worldwide Use KSOL


What do our parents say?

"I think KSOL is one of the best 11+ tutoring services in the country. The online tests help in building a disciplined studying habit, and the feedback provided for incorrect questions is significantly valuable. I highly recommend KSOL to all parents wishing to send their children to Grammar schools." - (Ninda R - Previous KSOL Year 5 Parent)

Qualified Teachers

There to guide you every step of the way, your child's allocated tutor will be available to contact directly to discuss their programme and will email you with details on your child's progress every week.

Personalised 11+ Online Tests

Receive challenging daily tests (Mon-Fri) covering Maths, English (inc. Technical), Verbal and NVR (including Spatial Reasoning). Tests will be personalised to target your child's individual areas for improvement.

Exclusive Interactive Video Lessons

Each week your child will receive an EXCLUSIVE interactive video lesson covering fundamental 11+ topic areas and featuring downloadable worksheets.

Prize and Reward Scheme

We understand that children are motivated by many different things, which is why we offer children an opportunity to earn points to cash in for real prizes!

How KSOL can help your child

Listen to Amy and discover how your child can benefit from personalised tuition using TargetTeach Technology


A whole team behind your child

Interaction with an experienced teacher is essential to success, so we ensure that every child is allocated their own specific tutor.

11+ Tutor - Josh
11+ tutor - Helen
11+ Tutor - Andree
11+ Tutor - Paul
11+ Tutor - Jo
11+ Tutor - Dan

As each child progresses at different speeds with individual goals, we understand how difficult choosing the right tuition provider can be.

You need to find a tuition provider with plenty of experience in the 11+ exam, format and content, but most importantly, one that approaches every single child as an individual.

KSOL's award-winning experience of over 20 years helps children all over the country to prepare for the 11+ GL Assessment entrance exams. Our unique TargetTeach® system allows us to create a personalised course that is designed to target and tackle your child’s weak areas.

Our qualified team of tutors are passionate about helping children fulfil their potential. Tutors are dedicated to ensuring that each child receives a personalised experience when preparing for the 11+ exam in your area. Rest assured that wherever you are, you child's course will reflect the most up-to-date format and content.

Back in 2002, co-founders Aron and Anita were going through the 11 plus preparations with their own child. Recognising a real loophole for tailored online tuition, KSOL was created, offering each student a completely unique revision programme.

Over 20 years later, we are proud to offer an award-winning online 11 plus package which features tailored online tests, exclusive interactive video lessons and direct tutor support.

KSOL allocate each child a qualified 11 plus online tutor who will monitor their progress and send a report out each week via email. Any incorrect questions will appear as re-sits in future tests and depending on their individual progress, the level of difficulty will be altered. Tutors are there to offer support and guidance throughout your 11 plus journey and will be available to speak to directly over the phone during office hours or via email.

The Year 5 Online Graduate Course will also feature a weekly interactive video lesson, exclusive to KSOL, and covering a fundamental 11 plus topic area each week. Each video lesson can last up to 30 minutes in length and features a corresponding downloadable worksheet. Fun and engaging, your child will be revising without even realising!

At KSOL we are proud to acknowledge the effort we go to, to ensure that our courses reflect the most up-to-date content. So you can rest assured that wherever you are, your child's course will be covering the most authentic material, tailored to suit their needs.

This Year 5 Online Graduate 11 plus course will cover challenging questions across the core the four core subjects: 11 plus Maths, 11 plus English, 11 plus Verbal and 11 plus Non-Verbal Reasoning (inc. Spatial Reasoning).

Daily tests will be set at a level beyond what is expected of children on the national curriculum. Therefore, it is completely normal that your child may not have covered certain 11 plus questions and topics covered on this course.

For additional support alongside your child’s daily 11 plus tests, why not take a look at our 11 plus revision products? Our 11 plus products cover the entire 11 plus curriculum, including 11 plus Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning topics.

As the 11 plus exam often requires children to work at a level beyond the national curriculum, we understand how important it is that your child receives the right support at the right time. Your allocated online tutor will be available to contact directly over the phone during office hours and will send you an email every week with your child's progress report. This will include a summary of how your child is progressing on the programme and any useful tips, relevant at each stage in the year.

They will also be on hand to guide parents throughout the entire process, giving individual advice whenever necessary.

The GL Assessment 11+ exam from past years has included 2 x 50 minute papers. The exam may cover individually timed sections in Comprehension, Technical English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning (including Spatial Reasoning).

All 11+ questions are of multiple-choice style and children will be required to mark their answers on a separate answer sheet. Children will have space on the question booklet to complete any workings out. There will be a short break in between the two papers.

The 11+ GL Assessment entrance exam is audio administered and includes full instructions regarding timings, example questions and how to fill out the separate answer sheet.

Please note that this information was correct at the time of publication. Please speak directly to your local area authority for any further information and/or updates to exam format.

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