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Careers at KSOL

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At KSOL, we're on a fantastic mission. Since 2002, we've been taking education to new heights for primary and secondary school children. We're not your typical tutors – we're the kind of team obsessed with making maths and English engaging, relevant and fun.

Our top priority? Ensuring every student we work with makes real progress. We're not just about getting good grades; we're here to spark a love for learning that'll stick around for life. Our goal is to help students build a rock-solid foundation for their academic journey and beyond.

It all starts with TargetTeach, KSOL's unique education platform developed in-house using the latest technology to give qualified teachers real-time data and augmented interventions.

When it comes to education, we are trendsetters; when everyone back in 2002 thought online tutoring would not catch on, we persevered. Even now, we're still innovating and keeping up with the latest tech and methods. Our students get to experience the most exciting and effective ways to learn.

But here's the best part – our teams. We've got a great team of passionate developers, digital educators and brilliant teachers who are the backbone of KSOL. They're the ones who keep our standards high and create a warm, supportive atmosphere for our students.

Ready to be part of our adventure? Join us, and together, we'll revolutionise education and inspire students to chase their dreams.

We have positions covering Web Design, Development, Teaching, Animation, Marketing and Customer Services.

Current Jobs

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