Year 4 11 plus tuition


Year 4 11 plus tuition


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If your child is starting Year 4 in September, now is the perfect time to begin preparing for the 11plus entrance exam. At KSOL, we emphasise mastering the basics while gradually introducing more complex concepts through practice tests and video lessons, ensuring students develop a deep understanding. With our flexible and online programme, your child will receive unparalleled support from highly qualified teachers who are experts in the 11+ curriculum.

Our passionate tutors provide regular feedback, allowing parents to stay informed and involved in their child's learning process. This approach not only helps in identifying areas of strength and improvement but also enables our teachers to adjust the learning plan as needed, ensuring that each child continues to advance at a pace that's right for them.



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11+ Early Starter Course

KSOL’s unique online Early Starter programme is designed to ensure that your child covers the 11 plus foundation skills in Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, in a fun and engaging way. Our team of qualified teachers and innovative media team have developed an exciting, brand new animated video learning element to our online programme.


11 plus Early Starter Course

Personalised online tuition for the 11plus

Alongside your child’s personalised daily tests, we have now introduced exciting animated video lessons! These new videos directly correspond to the subject content within the test. Join KSOL's Professor Hugo and time-travellers Amit, Olivia, Leo and Aria as they travel through time, meeting famous historical figures and learning key 11 plus skills.

At KSOL we understand that children who are preparing for the 11 plus entrance exam are having to work towards a level of skills that are often above and beyond the national curriculum. With 20 years of experience, we know that children who start their preparations early not only widen their 11 plus subject knowledge, but also build in confidence, establishing effective study habits. This furthermore creates a solid foundation for learning in preparation for more complex 11+ topics.

Alongside these fantastic resources, you will also have access to your very own allocated tutor. Your tutor will be available to contact directly to discuss your child's programme and will email you with details on your child's progress every fortnight.

Animated Video Lessons

11+ Early Starter

Discover a world of adventure. Journey through time with Professor Hugo and KSOL time-travellers Amit, Olivia, Leo and Aria, learning fundamental 11 plus skills along the way!

Our programmes have been instrumental in assisting thousands of children in securing admission to some of the country's most prestigious grammar schools.

Alcester Grammar
Camp Hill
Sutton Grammar
Stratford for Girls
Rugby High School
Five Ways Grammar School
Queen Marys Grammar School
Wolverhampton Girls
Pates Grammar

Benefits of The 11+ Early Starter

Paul White states: “The results from children who sat the 2023 entrance exam show for those who started their 11 plus preparations earlier on, had the confidence and knowledge to succeed. Studying early will also prevent cramming and exhaustion in the previous weeks before the exam, ensuring that your child has a positive experience. I definitely recommend starting gently on our Year 4 online programme, so your child develops the fundamental skills required.”

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Suitable for GL Assesment
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personalised daily tests
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Our Year 4 online course is designed to help boost core 11+ foundation skills in preparation for the 11+ GL Assessment exam format.

There to guide you every step of the way, your child's allocated teacher will be available to contact directly and will email you with details on your child's progress every fortnight.

Receive 6 months of personalised daily tests (Mon-Fri) covering 11+ Maths, English, Verbal and NVR. Tests will be tailored to suit your child's individual areas for improvement.

Your child will benefit from engaging animated video lessons to help with challenging 11+ subject areas.

Start your child's personalised course with a single payment!

Enrol Today! £160 for 6 Months

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Explore the effectiveness of our proven teaching methods through thousands of success stories. Find out how KSOL can make a difference for your child.

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