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Payment FAQs

Q. The Eleven Plus Graduate/ Masters course says that payments work on a month by month basis, how does this work?

A. On the Eleven Plus Graduate/Masters Course we work on pay as you go basis whereby you pay a month in advance of the education which you receive via our repeat billing procedure, which can be made on a credit or debit card of your choice. You are not tied into any long term contacts as we like to ensure that both parents and children are comfortable on our tuition courses, it is your child’s education that is of upmost important to us.   

Depending on where children are based in the UK they will take their Eleven Plus exam at different points during the year. We construct a tailored Year 5 course and keep the momentum flowing right up to the actual date of their exam

Q. What if I wish to cancel are there any cancellation fees?

A. There are no fees.

We simply ask that after your first month, you give us 1 month's notice that you are looking to cancel. With this we can bring the child’s account to a convenient closing point and cancel the repeat billing procedure immediately.

Q. What are your refund policies?

A. We are confident that your child will love our online tuition courses. However, should it be that you purchase an online course you have upto 7 days to request a refund. (this does not include the registration fee). After the first month normal cancellation policy applies.