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 11 plus made easy

Who we are, What we do, Why we do it

To really find out how and why we have been so successful in helping children pass their 11 plus,  the following pages will tell you all you need to know about the motivation and passions behind KSOL:

  • 11 Plus History - Our history section expands on the successes of KSOL and how we set ourselves apart from other 11 plus tutoring companies.
  • 11 Plus Courses - A comprehensive list of all the 11 plus tuition courses and products we have available to help children prepare for their 11 plus exam.
  • 11 Plus Tutors - Put a face to some of the key  11 plus tutors that you will be in contact with during your time on one of our KSOL 11plus tuition courses.
  • 11 Plus News - The 11 plus news section reveals all the latest on goings within the business, highlighting any upcoming 11 plus events we will be holding, as well as providing useful information on local Grammar Schools.
  • Awards - Our awards section showcases the prestigious awards we have won along the way that pay recognition to the innovative way in which we provide 11 plus tuition online. Don't forget we were the first to pioneer daily online 11 plus tests, others have just followed.
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