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11 Plus Tutors - Meet Our 11 Plus Tutors

The Team Supporting Your Child

11 plus tutor - Anita Dhunna Anita Dhunna - Director of Education

Setting up KSOL with my husband Aron has been one of my proudest achievements. Having spent years as a professional tutor (and as an ex-King Edwards student) I help to prepare our students not only for the 11 plus, but also for the leap into secondary education; building their confidence in all areas so they can settle in with ease. My passion and the quality of teaching is central to our business, hence I have put together a team which shares that passion.


John Lane - 11 Plus Tutor

My experience from over thirty years of primary school teaching enabled me to instantly recognise the passion and enthusiasm for what KSOL achieve working with children. Our unique TargetTeach system empowers our teaching and consequentially empowers the children; we know exactly where they need help and provide this directly where they need it. I also promote an ‘I can’ attitude and positive ethos with both children and tutors at our centres as at KSOL, we know that it’s important to not only nurture a child’s education but their well-being too.

 11 plus tutor - John Lane
11 plus tutor - Katie Eyre

Katie Newton - 11 Plus Tutor

I first decided to go into teaching in a hope to improve my language skills when I was living in Murcia, Spain. However, I ended up developing a love for teaching. When I first joined the team of tutors at KSOL, I was amazed at how enthusiastic the children were about Maths and English and this reflected my passion for teaching these subjects. I also find that building a relationship with the children based on mutual respect, really helps to encourage hard work as well as fun and this is how the Masterclass programme and 1-2-1s work at our centres.


Paul White - 11 Plus Tutor

Working at KSOL has been an incredibly exciting experience for me. Encouraging children to work to the best of their ability is a cornerstone of my teaching approach and I believe that a positive outlook is key to fostering success at all ability levels. Passing on the enjoyment of learning is also something that I am personally very passionate about. My own son was enrolled on the KSOL programme so I not only have the tutor’s perspective but also the perspective as a concerned parent.

11 plus tutor - Sarah Jane



  Julia Massey - 11 Plus Tutor

From a young age, I always dreamt of becoming a teacher due to my love of learning. Having fulfilled this dream, I now wish to inspire those I teach as my own teachers inspired me! It gives me great satisfaction to tailor an individual child’s timetable and pass on the enjoyment of learning to them in an effective way. I understand the hard work, time and commitment needed to achieve goals and aiding each child on their academic and personal journey at KSOL is incredibly rewarding.


Mike Heyes - 11 Plus Tutor

Having worked in primary education, I have seen a diverse range of teaching styles and methods. However, working as a tutor at KSOL has enabled me to work with children in much smaller and focused groups. This is highly beneficial to both tutor and child as we are able to give every single child the attention and help they need. This is incredibly rewarding and I feel that I am really giving the children a fantastic start to their Key Stage 3 education and beyond.



Eleese Blanchette - 11 Plus Tutor

After completing my BSc in French and English language and a Masters in TESOL, I decided that I wanted to pass on my love of learning to children. At KSOL, the needs of children always come first and with so many success stories year on year, I can definitely say that I work in an environment that makes a difference. Being able to work with children individually, building confidence and boosting their skills is an amazing feeling and one of the best parts of working at KSOL.



Katie Eyre - 11 Plus Tutor

As a qualified teacher, working at KSOL is a joy; it is great to actually have the time to master a topic with every member of a small group of students. When I first started, I was really impressed with all the work that KSOL put in outside of classes; writing and preparing all the tests and monitoring the children’s progress. Everyone puts in so much effort to make sure the children get the right help for their individual requirements. What I really love about working here is the satisfaction of seeing the children achieve, knowing that I’ve helped them to get there.

11 plus tutor - Katie Eyre


Before working with children, be that online or at our centres, all KSOL tutors have an extended CRB/DBS Check.