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11 Plus Help & 11 Plus Advice

11 Plus Help & 11+ Advice

Useful Parental Information On Everything 11 Plus

The documents below will help to shed some light on these areas and raise some key points for you to consider.

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11 Plus Help & 11 Plus Advice Guides For Parents

11+ advice - 11 plus registration process

11+ Advice - The 11 Plus Registration Process

Your child has worked extremely hard to get to this stage, the last thing you want to do as a parent is forget to register for the exam! This guide will help direct you through the registration process from choosing a school to making an appeal.

This clear guide is packed full of useful information to help all parents who are going through the stressful 11 plus registration process.

11+ Advice - Choosing a Secondary School

Choosing the right secondary school for your child represents a big turning point in your child's life. It is important to understand the decision you make here will undoubtedly have a huge impact on your child's future years.

In this 11 plus advice guide we will be looking at vital things you as a parent should be considering when making that all important decision, as well as the usual top tips from our KSOL 11 Plus tutors.

 11+ advice - choosing a secondary school
 11+ advice - 11 plus recommended reading list

11+ Advice - 11 Plus Recommended Reading List

Getting your child into the habit of reading on a regular basis is advisable to all parents who are looking to prepare their child for the 11 plus exam, as it helps children to expand their vocabulary.

This 11 plus advice guide outlines the importance of getting your child into the habit of reading on a regular basis as well as listing a range of fictional books that our 11 plus tutors recommend for children between the ages of 8-10 years.

11+ Advice - Motivation & Goal Setting for the 11 Plus

Is your child aware of what they are working towards when preparing for the 11 plus entrance exam? Is your child aware of how much their secondary school education will affect their future years?

These are just two questions which we will be getting you as parents to consider throughout this 11 plus advice guide. Here we will be looking at the importance of rewarding performance as well as touching upon a few motivational hints and tips from our experienced KSOL 11 plus tutors.
 11+ advice - motivation & goal setting for the 11 plus