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KSOL 11 Plus Prizes and Rewards - 2015



Children love prizes

We understand that children are motivated by many different things. We are the only company that has a unique 11+ reward scheme that encourages children to do their best.

Our prizes and rewards range from sports bottles and stationery sets to a digital action camera with a KSOL bag! How great is that?

The scoring of points for the online tests is as follows:
•    Child Scores 70% to 79% = 1 point
•    Child Scores 80% to 89% = 2 points
•    Child Scores 90% and above = 3 points

If you are on a Year 4 Course, why not carry your points over to Year 5 and start saving for the big prize?

When you are ready, simply call us on 0121 733 6558 and claim your prize.

Please note:

No points are scored on 'Beat the clock' (which is included in our Year 5 Graduate/Master course) or during the 'Revision Period' (also part of our Year 5 course).

When advancing to a Year 5 course, a maximum of 360 points can be carried over and points will be divided by 1.88 in the conversion process.

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