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Terms & Conditions:

Please note that you will not receive a copy of the exam paper. We ensure that each exam tests and reflects the latest information that we have available regarding eleven plus exams. In order to protect our IPR, the exam paper cannot be given to parents.
The exam questions cannot be purchased in any retail/book store. They are unique to KSOL members. All questions are written by KSOL Educationalists and are based on findings from detailed research. 
Please note: At KSOL, we ensure all our 11+ tutors are CRB/DBS checked before we allow them to work with children, whether that be online or in our KSOL centres.
Other Key Information:
NO changes to exam sessions or times can be made within 2 weeks of the exam date.
Cancellation Notice: We require 2 weeks notice before the exam date.
Refund Policy:
Cancellations made 2 weeks prior to the exam date will be issued a full refund; KSOL will aim to issue refunds within 14 days of confirming the customer request.
Cancellations made within 2 weeks of the exam date will NOT be issued a refund. However, in extenuating circumstances, KSOL may be able to offer a refund of up to 25% of the original booking price, but this facility CANNOT be guaranteed and will be provided at the discretion of KSOL. Under circumstances where another mock exam event is available, KSOL may offer to transfer your child’s booking, subject to an administration fee of £20. Any alterations would make the booking non-transferable to any other product or course offered by KSOL and be subject to availability.

Block exam bookings: Please note that any special discounted rate on block mock exam bookings will no longer apply when 1 or more exams are cancelled within that booking. The rate per exam will return to the normal price (£45 (online mock) & £65 for non-members and £40 (online mock ) & £60 for members) and the amount refunded will be the difference between the amount paid on the special offer and the total cost of the remaining exams (at normal price). Only cancellations made before 2 weeks of the exam date will be offered a refund. 

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KSOL 11+ Mock Exams

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11+ paper based mock exams
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11+ Mock Exams

Select a region for your 11+ Year 5 Online or In-person mock exam. 

Why sit a KSOL 11+ Mock Exam?


As leading 11+ specialists, with over 16 years of experience, we understand how crucial mock exams are to a child’s overall 11+ success.

At KSOL we offer both in-person and online mock exams, designed to provide your child with an accurate representation of the real 11+ entrance exam. Each year our team of qualified teachers undertake extensive research into the format, content and overall experience of sitting both the 11+ CEM and GL Assessment exams. With this information to hand, we can confidently provide the very best 11+ mock exam experience for your child.

KSOL mock exams are set at the appropriate level expected from children at each point in the academic year. Therefore, you should view each exam as a helpful checkpoint to set realistic and manageable goals. By providing both a detailed analysis of your child’s overall exam performance and a confidential ranking, KSOL are proud to offer unrivalled exam feedback to set your child on the path to 11+ success.

GL AssessmentCEM Format10 years of experience

5* Reviews

“The mock exams set by the centre are a game changer for any child. As a parent you are able to monitor their progress and tackle any areas your child finds challenging. Thank you KSOL!   
- (Written by Alyssac30)


The benefits of our 11+ online mock exams...

  • Each KSOL mock exam is different and gradually increases in difficulty, providing useful checkpoints at each stage in the year 
  • Highlights any weak areas, providing the opportunity to address issues in time for the exam
  • Audio instructions with individually timed sections in Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning 
  • Includes standard exam report with scores in each section, plus a confidential ranking
  • EXCLUSIVE split-screen functionality, including virtual question paper and answer sheet - no printing necessary!
  • Experience the format and content of the 11+ exam to help eliminate nerves before the big day!





Some of the benefits of a KSOL 11+ online mock exam

improve speed and accuracy

Improve speed and accuracy

Improve your child's 11+ exam technique and time management skills.

Benchmark your child's ability

Benchmark your child's ability

Pinpoint weaker areas and tackle them head on

Standard exam report

Personalised Post-Exam Feedback

2-Hour Post Exam Video Review, Confidential Ranking & Performance Analysis

Over 10 years experience

Over 16 years of experience

Thoroughly researched and up-to-date content from 11+ exam specialists

If your child is enrolled on a KSOL Year 5 Graduate or Masterclass course, please call us on 0121 733 6558 to receive special discounted rates! 

What do our Year 5 parents think of our NEW online mock exams?...

"It's the best online mock exam my daughter has done, as it replicates the real thing!"
"The format of the online exam really made my child focus! It wasn't like sitting a normal online test."
"The video instructions were very clear and the highlighting, crossing out and eliminating function were so useful."