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11+ GL Assessment

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What does GL Assessment mean?

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If you are starting 11+ preparations for your child, you may have come across the acronym GL. GL is an abbreviation of ‘Granada Learning’, a leading provider of the 11+ assessment across the country. For an insight into the format of the GL exam and the types of questions expected, click here to access our 11+ practice papers!


Which regions use GL Assessment?

As of 2023, regions using the GL Assessment format include:

The Birmingham Grammar Schools Consortium 

The Warwickshire Grammar Schools Consortium 

The Shropshire, Walsall & Wolverhampton Grammar Schools Consortium

The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools Consortium 

Dorset Grammar Schools Consortium 

Gloucestershire Grammar Schools Consortium

The London 11+ Consortium

Kent 11+ Consortium

Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools

Devon Grammar Schools

The Trafford Grammar Schools Consortium

The Wiltshire Grammar Schools Consortium

The Yorkshire Grammar Schools Consortium 

For further information regarding the specific testing criteria in your region, KSOL recommends that parents contact their preferred grammar school directly or visit their local education authority website.

Subjects in the GL Assessment 

Past GL Assessment exams have consisted of two papers, typically 45-50 minutes each. Each paper is broken down into individually timed sections covering Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Awareness; although schools can choose any combination of these to suit their selection policy. GL Assessment uses 21 different Verbal Reasoning question types and can incorporate any into the exam. We recommend children familiarise themselves with each of these in advance of the test.

Format of the GL Assessment 

The GL transfer test has a varying number of multiple-choice style questions and timings for each section. Once the time in each section has elapsed, children will not get the opportunity to re-visit a section. All answers are marked on a separate answer sheet.

How can KSOL help your child prepare for the GL Assessment 

Preparing for the GL Assessment 11+ entrance exam is a unique journey and each child has a different set of goals. For this reason, KSOL ensure that our 11plus online tuition programmes are tailored specifically to suit areas for improvement, with weaker topics targeted in future tests. Furthermore, each child will be allocated a qualified 11+ tutor whom parents may contact over the phone or via email regarding their progress.

In the 11+ entrance exam, time management skills are essential. That’s why all of our Year 5 online tests are timed, helping children to manage their time effectively. Speed and accuracy skills are also tested using our ‘Beat the Clock’ tests, encouraging your child to beat their past score each week!

Please note that the information on this page was believed to be accurate at the time of publication. 

However, KSOL always recommends checking with the individual school websites or contacting your local consortium of grammar schools before acting upon any information given.

Speak to an education adviser on 0121 733 6558 regarding the best 11plus options for your child. We’re here to help!

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