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11+ Slough
GL Online Mock Exams

11+ Mock Exams!


Gain exposure to the variety of questions that may appear in the 11+ exam, building skills and knowledge.

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Online 11+ exams in Slough

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Online 11+ Mock Exams

All Slough mock exams can be accessed online and are available for a period of four days.




Available from 2nd-5th February




Available from 22nd-25th March




Available from 17th-20th May




Available from 28th June-1st July




Available from 12th-15th August




Available from 19th August-13th September



Previous Exams

Our mock exams follow the most up-to-date GL Assessment exam format. Your child is guaranteed to be exposed to the style and level of questions expected in the real 11+ exam. The exam consists of two timed 50-minute papers, monitored by experienced invigilators under exam conditions.

By sitting our mock exams, you and your child will receive valuable insight into which areas need improvement and provide a roadmap to the coming months’ preparation. They provide vital checkpoints to mark their progress along the way. If you child is a KSOL student, their allocated tutor will target any weaker areas highlighted on the exam report, through their daily online tests.

At KSOL we provide a series of mock exams between January and August, each increasing in difficulty throughout the year. As your child progresses on to each exam, they will gradually build their confidence, not only by eliminating any exam-day nerves, but also by developing their 11+ knowledge and time-management skills.

With each mock exam you will receive a standard exam report with scores in each section, plus a confidential ranking. You will also have the option to order a more detailed exam report, which would include further in-depth details of your child’s performance, with advice on areas to improve upon, exam technique and behaviours on the day.

You also have the option to order a Detailed Exam Feedback Package at £25 (per exam) – this includes a comprehensive detailed report broken down into subjects and topics. For each question in the exam, you will know the topic of the question, e.g. ‘Ratios’, and whether your child answered it correctly/incorrectly or did not attempt it. Please note, you will not receive a copy of the exam paper nor individual questions and answers. The report will include the details of your child’s performance and behaviours on the day. Also, as part of this package you will receive a 2-hour exam review video led by our Director of Education.

Each KSOL 11+ GL mock exam will include 2 x 45-50 minute papers, covering individual timed sections in Maths, English, Comprehension, Verbal Skills and Non-Verbal Reasoning. All 11plus questions will be multiple-choice style and children will be required to mark their answers on a separate answer sheet. Children will have space on the question booklet to complete any workings out. There will be a short break in between the 2 papers.

All of our mock exams are audio administered and include full instructions regarding timings, example questions and how to fill out the separate answer sheet. There will be regular time prompts throughout each section. Our friendly and experienced, DBS checked KSOL invigilators will be present in the exam room throughout the duration of the test.

Our experienced exam invigilators are essential in providing an authentic exam environment with valuable feedback on each child’s performance, ensuring that both children and parents are well-prepared for the actual 11+ exam. Our senior invigilators are all first aid and epi-pen trained and there to ensure your child is in a safe environment. All invigilators are trained with invigilation methods and are there to ensure your child's well-being.

Eyes and Ears: Our invigilators play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the mock exams. They closely monitor the exam room, ensuring that all children are completing their exams correctly and adhering to the rules and instructions, as laid out at the beginning of each mock exam.

Enhancing the Exam-Day Experience: With their wealth of experience, our invigilators ensure that children are completing the exam correctly and provide immediate guidance if they observe any child not adhering to exam conditions and instructions. This feedback is essential for helping children learn and correct their behaviour, preventing these issues on the actual exam day.

Valuable Insights: With the optional detailed report, parents gain a clear understanding of their child’s exam behaviour, what they excelled at, and what skills or topics require more attention. This targeted feedback helps with your child’s preparation leading up to the entrance exam.

Detailed Observations: During the mock exams, our invigilators take detailed notes on each child's performance. These notes are vital for the (optional) detailed reports we offer, offering insights into how each child manages their time, handles the exam day environment, and approaches different types of questions.

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KSOL 11+ Mock Exams in Slough



The Slough Consortium 11 plus examination is administered by the GL Assessment, and tests a child's ability in Maths, English Comprehension, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

KSOL mock exams cover a range of topics within the 11 plus syllabus to help children prepare for any eventuality. Whilst your child may have the right knowledge for the exam, new factors such as exam environment, time pressures and exam technique may influence the end result. However, with regular practice and familiarisation you can help your child face whatever may come their way. For KSOL mock exam dates, see below. 

All of our mock exams are audio administered and include full instructions regarding timings, example questions and how to fill out the separate answer sheet. There will be regular time prompts throughout each section. 

Following the 11plus mock exam, you will receive a breakdown of your child’s results, detailing their score within each subject area and a confidential ranking, placing their results in relation to other children who sat the same exam.

Exam Online

“ I would definitely recommend KSOL to everyone for their child's 11+ practice. My daughter joined 3 months revision course before the test. She improved her confidence and speed very quickly. Feedback and support were phenomenal. We also tried Mock tests which came back with excellent feedback and advice for future progress. My daughter gained entry to one of our favourite and local grammar schools.”

Year 5 Parent


“ “The mock exams set by the centre are a game changer for any child. As a parent you are able to monitor their progress and tackle any areas your child finds challenging. Thank you KSOL! ”

Year 5 Parent


“ "It's the best online mock exam my daughter has done, as it replicates the real thing!" "The format of the online exam really made my child focus! It wasn't like sitting a normal online test." "The video instructions were very clear and the highlighting, crossing out and eliminating function were so useful."”

Year 5 Parent


Our 11+ mock exams have been instrumental in assisting thousands of children in securing admission to some of the country's most prestigious grammar schools.

Over 20 Years of Exam Experience

Our qualified team of teachers understand what it takes for your child to succeed in the 11+ entrance exam.

Real Entrance Exam

paper-based 11+ mock exams

Thanks to our expert teachers' in-depth analysis of the exam's format and content, we provide a realistic and unrivalled mock exam experience.

Your Child's Ability

paper-based 11+ mock exams

Our mock exams match the expected academic 11+ level for each stage of the year, serving as useful benchmarks to set achievable goals.

Virtual Invigilator Tool (VIT) Report Included

paper-based 11+ mock exams

Understand which areas your child excels in and any areas which may require more focus! Includes a confidential ranking - overall and per exam section.

Exam Video Review Included

paper-based 11+ mock exams

Included is a 2-hour post-exam video review where our Director of Education covers some of the challenging questions from the exam, enabling your child to learn fundamental 11 plus exam skills along the way!