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Multi Subject
11+ Revision Cards
11+ Revision Cards


KSOL 11+ Revision Cards are an excellent way to revise for the 11+ GL Assessment or any other type of common entrance exams. Their lightweight and compact packaging makes them ideal for practice material on the move!

11+ Maths

Includes topics such as: shape facts, fractions, angles, averages, percentages, area & perimeter etc. Fact cards walk children through the formula or process (eg: how do you add fractions, calculating a percentage decrease or conversion rate) and the question card tests your child's understanding!

11+ English

Includes grammar cards, language, punctuation and tenses. For example: identifying a homophone and understanding how it is used within a sentence.

11+ Verbal

Demonstrates verbal questions and the techniques needed to tackle them. This includes understanding how to add three letter words, finding the odd one out or how to solve word problems.

11+ NVR

These cards help children identify key elements required for solving NVR puzzles. Learn how to tackle, rotation, reflection, series, odd one out, plus many more types of Non-Verbal Reasoning questions.

This pack covers:

  • 11+ Maths
  • 11+ English
  • 11+ Verbal
  • 11+ NVR

Each card includes a fact on one side, and to test your child's knowledge, an 11+ question on the reverse! Answer sheet included.

11+ Revision Cards




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