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Face to Face
KSOL Year 6 Creative Writing Course

Starts Saturday 13th April at Light Hall School, Shirley, Solihull

Girl at creative writing course

Advanced Creative Writing Course

The leap in expectations from the 11 plus exam to secondary education is significant and children will be expected to start constructing creative passages for various purposes.  

As 11 plus specialists, we are often asked how children can strengthen their writing skills beyond the entrance exam to express thoughts with clarity and ease. 

In response to this question, KSOL have designed an additional Creative Writing Course, which will expose your child to the individual skill-based elements that can be applied to all forms of writing beyond the 11 plus exam. 

This 12 week course will guide your child through a wide range of exercises and activities designed to improve their independence when approaching writing tasks.

If you feel like your child could greatly benefit from building their confidence and skills, particularly when writing independently for different purposes, then this course is ideal for them!


When do the sessions run?

  • Saturday 13th April - Saturday 13th July - 11:30am-1pm

Children receive weekly writing tasks to complete at home. All homework is marked and returned with detailed feedback. Tutors set weekly targets, motivating children to focus on improving particular elements of their writing.

Over the course of 12 weeks, children will learn effective writing structuring, impactful vocabulary use, punctuation techniques to guide the reader's experience and the strategic use of paragraphs to convey meaning.

Children will work alongside specialist English teachers, aiming to boost their confidence and enhance their writing skills. This prepares them for secondary school and beyond

Terms and Conditions

Refunds will only be provided if cancellation is requested before 1 month of the start date. 
No refund for days that a child is unable to attend through the child’s own actions. If however, KSOL has to cancel a date or amend a date (or dates), then KSOL will endeavour to hold the days in question on an alternative date or send out detailed explanation of the course material that a child needs to understand in lieu of the missed dates.
KSOL will aim to issue refunds within 30 days of confirming the user request.

for 12 weeks
  • Lead by :Qualified Teachers
  • When : Saturday 13th April - Saturday 13th July - 11:30am-1pm
  • Duration : 1.5 hours
  • Where : Light Hall School, Shirley, Solihull
  • Exclusive for KSOL Members

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